Helps Ministries Application

Please read and answer all questions and sign statement on back when completed.

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Marital Status
Are you a Member of Rhema Christian Center?
With the manifestation of speaking in other tongues?
Have you been baptized (immersed) in water since you accepted Jesus Christ?
Are you a tither?
Which services do you attend on a regular basis?
Are you presently occupying the same dwelling place with a person of the opposite sex as if you were married?
Are you involved in illegitimate sexual habits?
Are you involved in illegal drugs?
Do you smoke anything?
Do you drink alcoholic beverages (wine, beer, etc.)
Are you involved in the occult?
I have read and answered all the questions, and I understand that any false answer on my part in this application or within my verbal interview will be grounds for my not serving in any of the ministry of helps at Rhema Christian Center, furthermore, I understand that this is a volunteer position and I submit my services as unto the Lord without compensation.

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