Young Adults

Young Adults at Rhema is a dynamic community of people who are actively shaping the future and doing more with their faith while building lifelong friendships.

We volunteer on ministry teams, help with global missions, and invite friends and family into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. There are huge opportunities throughout the year to laugh, have fun, and volunteer.

We know and understand you because we are you. We know that you as a Young Adult crave opportunities to serve and be a part of something bigger than yourselves. We know it’s important to connect with others on more than just a surface level. We know that developing meaningful friendships, growing spiritually and getting connected with others in Christ can enrich your lives and bring you closer to a personal relationship with the Lord.
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Most of us are around 18–30ish. We’re a mix of students and young professionals. Some of us still live at home and some have our own place. We come from different backgrounds and have different life stories. In other words, we are a generation of diverse, passionate individuals, but the main thing we have in common is our love for Jesus and a desire to see our generation come to do the same! We are working together to create the best communities, gatherings, and events that help others connect to the awesome love of Jesus Christ.

No matter where you are at on your spiritual journey, this is for you. We’re looking for passionate people who are interested in making a difference each week by being a part of something that helps the community and the church reach the lost, train for service and change the world – even during this new reality of COVID-19.

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