Grace to you and peace from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. I trust this information finds you on top with all things under your feet.

This week students have returned or are returning to school. This note is an extension of our Wednesday night prayer.

Pray for parents and students.
Pray for all public, private, and home schools.
Pray for all school administrators, staff, support staff and faculty.
Pray for our college, graduate and post graduate students, faculty, and administrators.
Pray for debt free education opportunities because of scholarships, fellowships, and grants.
Pray for the safety and health of our students.
Pray for good success with all the above.
Pray for wisdom from above in teaching, instructions, and approaches in all subject matters.
Pray for a spirit of wisdom to rest on everyone educating our children.
Pray for the Prince of Peace to rule.
Pray for Rhema’s Children of Victory and our planned re-entry this fall.

In Him,

+ La Fayette Scales