Bishop La Fayette Scales is the Senior Pastor of Rhema Christian Center in Columbus, Ohio and has been ‘Reaching the Lost, Training for Service ‘and Changing our World” for more than 40 years. His greatest desire is to see God’s people grow into their full potential and mature in their character.

Taking the gospel to the nations, Bishop Scales is an international teacher and preacher, who has ministered across the United States and throughout 30 nations, over six of the seven continents in the world Always ready to impart to leaders and congregants the wisdom, insight, and revelation which God has given to him, he is a Charter member of the Fellowship of International Christian Word of Faith Ministries (FICWFM), where he is set in the Church as an Apostle:

Bishop Scales is the author of three life changing books, “Letters from the Bishop; Strengthening Faith for the Journey Through a Message of HOPE, Weekly Devotional,” “What is the Church Coming To?” and “It’s the Walk Not the Talk.”

He resides in Columbus, Ohio with his family, wife Theresa, two adult sons, one daughter and their spouses and grandchildren.