Bishop’s Corner

From the Office of Bishop La Fayette Scales

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. I trust this communication finds you on top with all things under your feet.

Remember, you can still access the video of the Summit on . We had 535 people register from our church, churches across the country and around the world. Please share the experience.

This note is a reminder; remember as we shift our attention in August to preparing for our first phase of re-entry and in person services. We still start this on August 15th and 16th. We will maintain our 3 virtual services on Saturday at 6pm, Sunday 8am and 11am. We will add two in person services on Saturday morning at 9:30am and Sunday at 9:30am.

Intellectually, we know people are in different seasons, places and have to make a wide range of decision concerning where they will and will not go. By grace and like Noah we will not shame, judge or condemn anyone for their decisions. Spiritually, like Noah we have been sending out the dove and inquiring of the Holy Spirit, “what do we need to do next?”

Here is some wisdom as we begin to consider re-entry. If you are feeling sick, feel safer at home or are part of the vulnerable community, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of our virtual services. If you decide to come to an in-person service consider the following 10 instructions:

  1. Masks are required when you enter Rhema Christian Center
  2. Keep your mask on during the worship experience at Rhema Christian Center
  3. There will be temperature checks before entering the church building so arrive early so your temperature can be checked
  4. Practice social distancing – We have a new seating arrangement to accommodate the appropriate amount of people for social distancing. Please do not move the chairs. The chairs are already placed in safe social distance space
  5. Flow – We will enter one way and we will leave another way
  6. Hand sanitizer stations – There are hand sanitizers freestanding around the sanctuary and around the building. Please take advantage of sanitizing your hands
  7. Children of Victory will continue to be virtual only. Youth Ministry will take place during the 9:30am services on Saturday and Sunday. Our youth can go directly to the youth area, there will be staff ready to receive them. Your youth will enter one way and depart another way also
  8. Dismissal – We will dismiss in sections at the end of service to avoid crowds and maintain social distancing so listen to my or the host instructions when you are dismissed to maintain safe social distancing
  9. RSVP for Service – Everyone must answer a brief health screening online and RSVP to the service you will attend weekly. This will help us with our new number of seats in our sanctuary because of social distancing

August 15th Service RSVP here                        August 16th Service RSVP here

10. Extras – If you need or desire water, mints or tissues bring your own. In days past we have provided these but currently because of social distancing we will ask you bring your own. The instructions will be strictly enforced.

Please pray about which services you desire to attend, virtual or in-person. We will continue to communicate these guidelines in multiple ways so that we can worship together in spirit and in truth. Remember, our virtual services are still available and will be available.

Remember like Noah, the Lord is with us. The Lord is for us. The Lord is in us. Let’s worship together because we’re all in this together.

In Him,

+ Bishop La Fayette Scales

Come And Worship With Us

Ask and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.