Bishop’s Corner

From the Office of Bishop La Fayette Scales

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. I trust this note finds you on top with all things under your feet.

Your gift of leadership is a divine ability to inspire and influence others towards common goals. Leaders pass on the vitality, values and vision of the organization to the next generation of leaders.

In the Hebrew Scriptures there are three liturgical seasons: Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles. Deuteronomy 16:16 These Hebrew scriptures and seasons have New covenant implications.

The first month was Passover, where the blood of the lamb was slain for every household, for covering and protection. Unleavened Bread was cleansing of the people from Egyptian oppression and purging Egypt out of them. First Fruits was the first of the harvest and bounty of God and judging what the people could and should not eat.

The third month was Pentecost. The Power of Pentecost was the Holy Ghost came in His fullness. The Significance of Pentecost was the church was birthed in power. The Effectiveness of Pentecost was everyone heard in their own tongue.

The seventh month was Tabernacles. The feast of Trumpets was a clear word of God. The Day of Atonement is a season of repentance, cleaning and lament. The feast of Tabernacles is when we experience the Presence, Power and Provision if God in the temple, in our homes and in our community.

During this season of tabernacles, do an act of neighborliness to and for someone the Holy Ghost puts in front of you. Announce God is in the temple and God is in the community.

In Him,

+ Bishop La Fayette Scales

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